400 Capital Management

Over Three Decades of Experience

400 Capital Management was founded in 2008 by credit market veteran Chris Hentemann.  400CM’s senior leadership team has a tenured history of investing, innovating, trading and developing investment and trading platforms for over three decades.  Collectively, the team reflects diverse and complementary skill sets that come together across a range of operating functions that support the continuity of processes demanded by the high-performance platform.

  • Chris Hentemann

    Chris Hentemann

    Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer

  • Bill Sanders

    Bill Sanders

    Partner, President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Risk Officer

  • Alex Cha

    Alex Cha

    Partner, Head of Portfolio Management and Trading

  • Todd Leih

    Todd Leih

    Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager

  • Dean Atkins

    Dean Atkins

    Managing Director, Investment Management, Europe

  • Ashley Berg

    Ashley Berg

    Director, Head of Human Resources

  • Ed DeDomenico

    Ed DeDomenico

    Partner, Business Development

  • Sang Kim

    Sang Kim

    Partner, Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer

  • Richard Knaub

    Richard Knaub

    Chief Compliance Officer and Senior Counsel

  • Alan Landy

    Alan Landy

    Partner, General Counsel

  • Tim Lynch

    Tim Lynch

    Partner, Head of Marketing and Investor Relations

  • Meghan Munchoff

    Meghan Munchoff

    Managing Director, Marketing and Investor Relations

  • Jimmy Rizos

    Jimmy Rizos

    Partner, Chief Technology Officer